Wolfe’s Neck Oceanfront Camping is a family-oriented campground and the following rules have been established so that everyone may enjoy their visit with us.

Please be sure that anyone staying on your site knows and understands what is allowed. Anyone failing to abide by the rules will be asked to leave. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior, safety and whereabouts at all times while within the campground.

We reserve the right to ask any camper(s) or guest whose conduct, in our opinion, is causing a disturbance, endangering life in any way, interfering with the orderly operation, or breaking the rules of the campground to leave the premises. Refunds will not be granted.

  • You must be 21 years of age to rent a campsite.
  • No fireworks, firearms, or archery allowed.
  • Generators may be run only from 9:00 – 11:00 AM and 4:00 – 6:00 PM in East and West Bay.  No generators in Middle Bay or Quiet Cove. Generators must be fully enclosed. No construction or excessively loud generators are permitted.
  • Middle Bay is “tents on the ground” camping only. No trailers, no rooftop or vehicle camping allowed in this location.
Check-In & Departure Times
  • Check-in begins at 1:00 PM for campsites and 4:00 PM for A-frames, Cabins, Comfort Camping, and Wicked Easy Camping sites. You’re also welcome to check in any time after those times.
    • After-hours check-in: If you arrive after hours, go to the campground office in front of the Farm store. To the left of the office door, you will find a clear mailbox marked “after hours check-in”. There, you will find your map and car pass with your name on it.
  • Check-out time is 11:00 AM for all sites. Failure to check out on time will result in a fee of one night’s stay.
Health & Safety Guidelines

Our top priority during this unprecedented time is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our campground visitors and staff.

Reservations & Deposits
  • All campsites have a two-night minimum for Friday and Saturday night stays (three nights on holidays).
  • One night reservations are available for campsites for Sunday through Thursday nights, and same day for Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Cabins, A-frames, Comfort Camping, and Wicked Easy Camping have two-night minimums at all times (three nights for holidays). Online reservations for these must be made at least 48 hours in advance of arrival. For less than 48 hours notice, please call for availability.
  • Deposits become non-refundable 14 days prior to arrival date, and 30 days for Cabins and A-frames. Balances are due at check-in.
  • Failure to arrive by noon of the day following your scheduled date of arrival (without prior notification) will result in a cancellation of reservation, with no refund or credit.
  • Please note that in some cases we may need to move your reservation to a comparable site for reasons of occupancy flow. We will notify you of any change made to your reservation.
Cancellation Policy
  • Campsite cancellations made 14 days prior to arrival will receive a full refund minus a $25.00 processing fee. Cabin and A-Frame cancellations must be made 30 days prior to arrival for a full refund, minus the $25.00 processing fee.
  • A $25.00 fee will be charged for any changes or alterations to your reservation. 
  • Camping is an outdoor experience. Therefore, we do not give refunds due to discomforts or acts of nature, inclement weather, or ANY OTHER REASON within 14 days/30 days of arrival date.
Site Occupancy
  • Site occupancy is a maximum of 4 Adults – OR – One Family (2 adults and their children under age 18). Some sites have further restrictions. Please note this prior to completing your reservation.
  • Maximum 2 vehicles per site. Some sites are restricted to one vehicle. Please note the specifics of your site prior to completing your reservation.
  • Additional vehicles must park in designated overflow. Please note that our campground cannot accommodate large trailered boats and utility trailers.
Visitor Policy
  • Campsite visitors are limited to two guests per campsite.
  • All visitors must leave the campground before 10:00 pm.
Quiet Hours
  • Quiet hours are 10:00 PM – 8:00 AM.
  • Please keep voices and lights low.
  • Excessive noise at any time is not permitted
  • In the event that staff informs a site of quiet hour violation and any site occupant refuses to cooperate, all of the occupants of the site will be subject to eviction from the campground without refund.
  • “Quiet Cove” is a 24-hour quiet area – please keep voices low and refrain from playing music
Pet Policy
  • Pets must be leashed and may not enter barn or livestock areas. Refusal to comply with this policy can result in eviction from campground without a refund.
  • Pets must wear their current and valid rabies tags.
  • Pets are never to be left unattended at any time.
  • Owners must collect all pet droppings immediately and leave their site clean. Pet waste left at site will incur a $25 cleaning fee.
  • Pet waste stations are available throughout campground.
  • Two pets are allowed at campsites and cabins. One pet is permitted at our Comfort Camping sites and A-frames.
  • There is an additional $10 charge per night per dog in the Cabins, Comfort Camping, and A-frames.
  • You will be held responsible for any damage or harm caused by your pet.
  • Please be aware that if your dog(s) are acting aggressive, excessively barking or are left alone you will be asked to leave the campground with no refund.
  • It is illegal to bring firewood into the state of Maine (to prevent the spread of insects)
  • Do not transport firewood distances greater than 50 miles, even within Maine.
  • Firewood is available for purchase at our Farm Store
  • Cutting and/or foraging our land for firewood is strictly forbidden.


  • Fires must be completely out and doused with water at the end of the evening or anytime you are away from your site, including upon checkout. Fires left burning after checkout will incur a $25 cleaning fee.
  • Please observe any fire condition notices posted in the campground
  • Please do not move the fire pits.
  • No burning trash in fire pits. Trash left in fire pit will incur a $25 cleaning fee.
Speed limit is 5 mph
  • Unregistered motorized vehicles (i.e., ATVs, mini-bikes, dune buggies, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Speed limit on Burnett Road is 25 mph.
  • Speed limit inside the campground is 5 mph.
Trash, Recycling Center and RV Dump Station is located on Middle Bay Road
  • The dump site is located close to the junction of Middle Bay Road and Burnett Road.
  • TRASH: Please dispose of all trash in the dumpster we provide here at this site. Please do not put trash in fire pits. Doing so will incur a $25 cleaning fee.
  • RECYCLABLES: Across from the trash dumpster you will find our recycling shed. Please follow our posted directions within the shed to determine which bin to deposit.
  • RETURNABLES: Returnables are not recyclable. These are bottles or cans that have paid a deposit at time of purchase. Please follow our posted directions within the recycling/returnable shed to determine which bin to deposit.
  • DUMP STATION: Our self-service dump station is on the same side of the road as the trash dumpster. The station is free for our guest campers. For non-guests, the fee is $25.00 payable at the Farm Store.
Please leave your site as you found it
  • Picnic tables are not to be removed from sites or moved from site to site.
Browntail Moth

Browntail Moths (BTM) are an invasive species native to Europe, neighboring Asian countries and the north coast of Africa, dating back to the 1500s.  They were accidentally introduced to the United States in the 1890s and are now found only on the coast of Maine and on Cape Cod.

BTM caterpillars have tiny hairs that can cause a skin rash in some people, resulting from either direct contact with a caterpillar or from dislodged airborne hairs.

WNOC regularly sprayed to mitigate the BTM through 2019 when an unusually wet May resulted in a fungus that invaded the nests and mitigated their effect…until last summer, when it was too late in their lifecycle to spray. This year, we have gotten ahead of the problem by having the campground professionally and responsibly sprayed, while maintaining WNC’s surrounding farmlands’ organic certification.  This will be a win-win situation for everyone…except the browntail moths!

Despite our very focused mitigation efforts, we cannot ensure that campers, other visitors or even staff will not be impacted by any browntail moths that aren’t eliminated by the spraying.

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