Farm Café

Our Farm Café sources from our fields and pastures, and supplements this bounty with other high quality ingredients. The Farm Café is open seasonally May through October.

Request for Proposals: 2023 Farm Café Operator

Wolfe’s Neck Center is seeking a Farm Café operator for the 2023 season. The Café is a popular offering for our campers, visitors, and our community. This is an exciting opportunity for an individual or party with food service experience to operate a popular, local gathering place.

Sourced From Our Fields

The Farm Café prepares food with ingredients that are harvested fresh from our organic, GMO-free fruit and vegetable production plots.  Meat products come from our pasture-raised cows, sheep, chicken and pigs, grown on organic feed.  Our laying hens reside on pasture in our Mobile Hen House, and provide the rich eggs for the café.  When an ingredient cannot be found on the farm, we do our best to support the local economy, sourcing products that are grown and produced as close to us as possible.

Quality Breakfasts

Our popular breakfast items are perfect for starting your day of camping. Our delicious breakfast sandwiches use our pasture-raised eggs, bacon, and sausage. Our fruit smoothies feature yogurt from Stonyfield, which uses the organic milk from our dairy herd in its production.

Supporting Our Mission

When you make a purchase from the Farm Café, you are connecting with your food in a unique way. How often do you eat an egg that was laid that morning, enjoy a salad from greens grown right down the road, or meet the farmer who raised the beef for your burger? At Wolfe’s Neck Center, it is our mission to transform your relationship with farming and food for a healthier planet, and eating at the Farm Café allows you to contribute to that mission. Purchasing meals from the cafe supports our farm-based education programs, and enables our farmers to continue producing the premium, organic products that you love.

Location & Hours

Find the Farm Café next to the campground office located at 134 Burnett Road in Freeport, Maine.

Open Friday through Sunday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Our Café has been experiencing significant staffing issues this season. Please call to confirm hours as they are subject to change on short notice.

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